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What To Do With All Those Chopsticks

What To Do With All Those Chopsticks

Katrina Prescott and Felix Böck are each founders of unique initiatives in Vancouver that aim to reduce the amount of disposable chopsticks going into our landfills. 

Felix, an entrepenuer and pHD candidate at UBC, founded Chopvalue, an initiative to collect, recycle, and turn disposable chopsticks into new products.

Read more about ChopValue from Felix:

"It is as simple as it gets when I try to explain where the idea came from: We love Sushi - and with many Sushi lovers come thousands of disposable chopsticks that end up in our landfills. Actually up to 100.000 per day just in Vancouver referring to our research. 

What started as a product development exercise became soon a potential for our research team to involve and make Vancouverites identify with Structural Bamboo Product Research. As we launched the collection program in May 2016 we received so much positive feedback from our first participating restaurants who we actively involve in designing products they'd like their chopsticks to see turn into. ChopValue provides everyone who is interested in starting their own collection free collection bins (Step 1), when signed up on the website a pick up point appears on the map and the ChopValue team picks it up free of charge on a weekly or biweekly interval. 

It's a great story to be part of and we are just at the beginning of it. 100.000 chopsticks per day is a good and responsible start of making our city greener - and we can think of many urban waste resources that can be turned into new, value added materials. Tiles, flooring, components or objects - feel free to send us your comments, ideas and feedback.

Visit ChopValue's website for more updates: www.chopvalue.ca"

And find Felix's original article here.


Katrina Prescott founded ChopSwap, an initiative to help individuals and businesses swap out their disposable chopsticks in favor of reusable ones. You will find ChopSwap at various festivals and markets, including the West End Farmers Market, where you can trade in your collection of disposable chopsticks for your own pair of reusable ones at no cost.

Read more about ChopSwap from Katrina:

"Greenpeace East Asia estimates at least 3.8 million trees get cut down every year to produce 57 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks that go directly to landfill. 

ChopSwap is an easy way to be a zero waste hero: 

1. Bring your collected disposable chopsticks to one of our depots.
2. Swap them out for a reuseable pair. 
3. Take with you when dining out. 
4. Say no when ordering to go.

All ages can participate and it has ongoing appeal--later in the year people can see what happened to their swapped chopsticks on our website and social media.

Get in touch -- follow us on facebook and on twitter @SwapChop to find out where you can make the swap today!"

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